What is Jambr?

Jambr was created in in December, 2012 as a place for me to share some of the technical bits and bobs I come across whilst doing my job as a Technical Architect for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security Services. Some people have asked how I came up with the name. Honestly, I don't remember, it has absolutely no meaning! Sounds very web 2.0 though, wouldn't you say?

In case you're interested, the articles get synced via RSS to my profile at Code Project where anyone can read them.

Who is Karl?

As I just mentioned, I'm a Technical Architect at HP where I focus on, primarily but not exclusivity, back end web development. My personal focus is around Microsoft technologies, primarily .NET MVC however, like most developers I tend to venture into other languages too.

Social Media

You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter if you want to say hello.